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  • Vanja Kapetanovic
    Jure “Joe” Alilovic

    A classically trained actor from Serbia with extensive experience in theater, Vanja is powerhouse actor that brings a level or authenticity and intensity to the role of Jure, and the vampire mythos. His talents extend beyond acting. He’s currently a music producer and bass player (with the band Edge of Paradise), and in the past was a dancer, mixed martial artist, and more. All facets of Vanja’s real life played a key role in bringing depth, nuance, and brutality to his performance.

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  • Gabriella Toth
    Darya “Nico” Nicolayvna
    Originally from Hungary, in a town just down the road from the castle of the infamous Countess Elizabeth Báthory, Gabriella’s acting talent and life experience brings a subtlety and realism to the complex role of Darya that is at times heartwarming and others coldly sadistic. A relative newcomer to the world of acting after years of modeling back in Hungary, she brings a unique and refreshing approach to the character of Darya that makes her a one-of-a-kind.

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  • Nika Khitrova
    Viktoria Alilovic
    Born in Russia, with half Lithuanian parentage, Nika moved to the United Kingdom as a child and spent her formative years in London. Having started acting as a young adolescent in theatre she has since worked across the world, which allowed her to truly embody the role of Viktoria, a globetrotting aristocratic old-world vampire, in a scene-stealing performance that is captivating and unforgettable.

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  • Eric Cotti
    Raymond Atman
    A true Renaissance man, Eric is an actor, director, writer, and artist with a diverse plethora of work under his belt. Living in New York City he’s done one-man shows to critical acclaim and acted on stage and film. His intellectual and heartfelt persona brings a grounding to the character of Raymond and a real heart and soul to the story.


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  • Geoff Ryan
    director, writer, cinematographer, etc…
    Geoff Ryan is a critically acclaimed and award-winning film director. His debut feature film FRAY won numerous “Best Film” festival awards. It released theatrically to rave reviews with the LA Times saying, "Superior... packs a punch" and has been ranked as one of the top 15 films on Amazon's "War & Military" movies and #2 under “Indie Arthouse” in the UK. His recent Star Wars branded TV spot for Kipling won the “Best Commercial” and “Best Visual Effects” awards at the European Cinematography Awards. Blood From Stone is a true passion project with Geoff taking a hands-on approach to every aspect from script and storyboarding to art direction and lighting design, and throughout the post-production process.

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  • Michael Caradonna
    An entertainment industry professional with over 26 years experience in all levels of production. Michael began his career in front of the camera, quickly moving behind the scenes, working as a cinematographer, production manager and producer. Beginning as a development executive for in 1996, he learned right away what it takes to get a script produced and never looked back. His most recent credits include Safety, directed by Oscar nominee Fabrice Joubert, the feature film Inhuman, the feature film Emerald Run, the MavTV series Cars Yeah! and the festival short films The Horror-able Day, Anonymous and Imagination of Young.

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  • Linda Nelson & Michael Madison (Indie Rights)
    executive producers
    Linda and Michael founded Indie Rights 15 years ago and have developed it into one of the leading independent film distribution companies in the business with a catalog of more than 650 films of all genres. With Blood From Stone they are expanding into production of original motion pictures.

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  • The Team
    Each person on this crew was a “Swiss Army knife” of filmmaking holding numerous roles and responsibilities throughout production allowing us to accomplish so much more than we deserved on such a small budget. Truly a dream team!

    Nike Khitrova
    associate producer
    casting director

    Alethea Spencer
    make-up artist
    special effects make-up

    Geoff Black
    original music composer
    sound recordist

    Adeshola Adigun
    camera operator

    Sarah Moliski
    assistant director
    script supervisor

    Steven Yap


Vanja Kapetanovic Jure “Joe” Alilovic
Gabriella Toth Darya “Nico” Nicolayvna
Nika Khitrova
Viktoria Alilovic
Eric Cotti Raymond Atman
Robert Desanti
Bri Ana Wagner Janet
Robert A. Macias
Sarah Moliski Rachel
Tommie Vegas Cherry
Joe Palubinsky
Adriana Garbiso Detective Ramirez
Michael Silver Smith
Jackson Tobiska
Leland Smith Mark
Aaron Castillo
Simon Sköld Mike
Nailya Shakirova Melissa
Shawn Hawkins
Victor Monroy Eddie
Theron LaFountain Clerk
Curtis David Paul
Michael Caradonna Bob
Colin Ward Bartender
Jennifer Elizabeth Liz
Beckie King
Paris Anderson Lydia
Kymber Justus Bride
Jamie Moani Pieper Bridesmaid
Michael Scott Spencer
Tom Gibbons Drunk Old-Timer
Sarah Getsi Waitress
Brian Brown Derelict
Stu Chaiken Drunk Guy
Raf Adame
Bar Patron #1
Trenton Brisco
Bar Patron #2
Mikayla Kiefer
Janet’s Daughter #1
Sloan Lewis
Janet’s Daughter #2
Kim Grandusky Gambler
Clinton Kyles News Anchor
Steven Yap Fisherman
Alethea Spencer Sober Girl
Alfonzo McCarther Police Officer #1
Christopher Cano
Police Officer #2
Anthony Richard Pagliaro
Police Officer #3
Skylar Schultz
Police Officer #4
Kenneth Elston Casino Patron #1
Art Freeman Casino Patron #2
Marcela Chiarandini Casino Patron #3

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